The Golden Mean

Louis Ciavolella

Some of my old friends may have noticed a new logo for CIAVO Design last year. I decided to move toward something a bit bolder, more colorful and yet based on a design principle that has been utilized for thousands of years – “The Golden Mean” or “Golden Ratio.” I learned of this mysterious principle years ago at duCret School of Art. Airbrush teacher Kelly Parsons explained how it’s been used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, through the Renaissance, by the great artists and architects throughout the ages, AND by nature itself! Mathematically, it’s based on the fibonacci sequence (this may sound familiar to you if you’ve read any of Dan Brown’s books) and the ratio is basically 1: 1.61803398875. Regardless of any conspiracy theories or mystical claims, it does seem to be a very special formula for creating structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing designs. I always thought it was cool. Keep your eyes open for examples of the Golden Ratio in art and nature – you’ll be surprised how often they occur!